Blogging Is Important To Your Business – Period

Is Blogging Dead?

You might have heard that blogging is dead. Why sit down and spend an hour writing a blog post when you can shoot a video with the same content in 5 minutes? Whilst things have certainly changed recently, the importance of blogging for your internet business is immense.

Blogging may not be as effective a way of building rapport to your audience as it once was, but it still offers enormous benefits. Blogging is also the cheapest and the easiest way to generate organic traffic. Couple it with patience and good website content, blogging is a sure way to drive people in droves.

Keep in mind, also, that the search engines don’t like to see static websites. If you are not constantly adding content or updating your site, it will stagnate and you will begin to lose your position in the search results.

So Blogging is not dead by a long shot. But let’s get smart about it.

How To Blog Effectively

Blogging is certainly not dead. Until Google can perform the same content analysis on videos as it does on text, your website – and therefore your organic traffic strategies – will still need to rely on the written word.

But you don’t just want to blog for the sake of blogging. You will need a strategy to get maximum benefit.

Every post you write needs to link directly to a related product or service; if there is none, link to your homepage. The internal linking structure of your website plays a big part in your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, so you will want to reinforce your cornerstone content with a strong linking structure.

It is also essential to have a call-to-action on each blog post. Somehow, someone has arrived on your blog post – what do you want them to do now? The last thing you want is for them to hit the Back button, so give them a reason to click deeper into your site – to that related product or service page.

If you run a mailing list, you will also want a subscription form on each post. More contacts in your mailing list mean more free online advertising and promotion for you. If you have excellent products or services, there’s nothing more effective and efficient than ‘word of mouth’ to promote your website.

Blogs (and forums) are perceived as offering the most honest and objective product reviews. Use this medium for your future plans for the business when it comes to products enhancements or what products to launch next. Blogging will enable you to know the trend of the market and will provide you with the latest pulse and mind set of your potential customers.

What To Blog About?

One question I hear a lot is how to you come up with fresh, interesting blogs every day? If you’re thinking that, you’re over-complicating it. The answer is very simple – a blog post isn’t a thesis, or wiki – it’s your own thoughts on a particular topic. Write about one of your products or services; write about a conversation you’ve had with a customer; or write about industry-related news. People are coming to your website because you are perceived to be an industry leader; your opinion on any industry-related topic will be valued.

Just jot down any blog-worthy thoughts you might have throughout your day. Check out chat rooms or forums, and take note of interesting questions raised by members that would fit on your niche market. I find Reddit is an excellent source for this. Everyday correspondence with your friends and family will also give you ideas for your next post.

I’ve even heard of people recording their conversations; from the trivial and mundane, to the most lofty of topics, then playing it over when they get home. As internet marketers, we have to tap every resource we have.

Let’s Get Blogging!

Blogging is a big help when it comes to traffic generation, converting warm leads to sales in your own target market or niche, and letting the world know you exist. It’s free; you only need a little patience and you will start to see the benefits of that additional traffic into your website. Blogging is also important in keeping the bond between you and your existing audience, keeping them abreast with the latest developments or promotions your business is offering.

Keeping close and constant contact with your readers will build a special relationship between you and them. Think of them as your friends and give them special attention through your blog. They are a big help in website or products promotion. Make blogging fun and exciting to and keep them coming back.