Take Note of These Blogging Rules

It is without a doubt that more and more internet marketers are venturing into money making blogs. And who wouldn’t be interested in this proposition? Blogging has become a lucrative industry with tens of thousands of people making huge profits from it. These days, people are hungry for information, and free information through blogs is well appreciated and patronized.

In order for you to create an income from blogs, there are certain blogging rules that you have be aware of when you write your posts. If you are writing blogs for marketing purposes, make sure that your write ups are not about yourself. Your posts should tell a story, a story your readers can relate to – this builds the connection with your audience. If you just write about how good you are, people tune out.

Your audience wants to read about topics that will pique their interest. Reading about your personal experiences with topics is fine, as long as you’re not the hero of the story. People want real stories and recommendations, but shy away from self-aggrandizement.

There are exceptions to the rule. A marketing blog, where you provide a day-to-day explanation of your process is different from telling people about your hobbies, about a movie review or about your love life.

Especially if you are into niche marketing, you need to align your blogs according to what you are promoting. Write with your prospective customers in mind so that your output will be effective. Blogs are not sales pitches, so do your best to avoid blatant selling. People usually develop a bad first impression of a marketers who is only trying selling to sell their products.

You need to add value to your visitors experience. When they leave your blog, what will they leave with? Some useful information, or a bad taste in their mouths?

There are creative ways of selling without being obvious. Being knowledgeable of the blogging rules will really spare you from committing those blog blunders that will turn off your potential customers.

Another important reminder from the set of blogging rules is to write on topics that targets a buying market. There is little point writing on topics that are not being searched for, because even if you show up number one in the search results, there’s still no one looking. You will have a hard time creating your own market, and getting niche-related advertisers.

Try looking for those subjects that have relevant advertisers by typing in your subject on the query field of a search engine. When you land on the results page with advertisers on the sides, then you can be assured that if you write on this subject, you’ll most likely get advertisers. Many webmasters and other online business owners prefer advertising on blogs because they can be more assured of a targeted advertising.

Once you have blogging rules fully implemented on your site, you will surely get those relevant ads that would forward your blog business. Thus, make those substantial and relevant blogs so that you will get the right ads on your page. You must know how to keep your loyal readers by providing them with relevant information.

Make sure that you know their interest and impart to them substantial knowledge related to the niche that you are specializing in. Aside from giving away free information, don’t fail to entertain your readers as well. While reading your blogs, people should feel your enthusiasm towards what you write. It is always better to get a good feeling when reading something so try to inspire your readers and impose a positive outlook thru your weblogs.

Your income relies a lot on the traffic that you will get so keep in mind those important blogging rules in order for people to keep returning to your blog site.


Start Blogging For Business – Now

So, you want to start blogging for business?That’s a good move actually. In the past, blogging was solely done by people who want to publicize their experiences or to express their sentiments about certain issues or things. And still others used it as an avenue to flaunt themselves. For some time, a blog site had this image and character.

However, in the recent years the concept of business blogs has become popular among online marketers. This development had given blogging a different face, perhaps a more professional one. For creative internet marketers, they have successfully used the blogging approach in promoting their online businesses. Believe it or not, most internet users, with the exception of those who are familiar with business blogs, do not perceive blog sites as an online shop.

I mean, if you are doing business blogs, most people will most often have no clear idea that you are actually selling to them. Yes, it’s hard to believe. If you are selling to a particular niche, most likely, your target customers will not think that you are selling something to them if you are using a blog platform.

Business blogs are not really obvious sales pages unless you do hard selling therein, and that would be a different story.

Let’s do a quick review on how to monetize business blogs. The answer is short and simple – content. You’ve probably heard the term “Content is King”, right? It’s as true today as it was in 1996 when Bill Gates coined the phrase.

Content is still the most important key factor that will pave the way to a successful business blogs. No matter what you do with your site, you have to make sure that you have great contents that would satisfy the needs and interests of your target market. People would put a higher value on your site once you have earned their trust.

Give them quality service through your posts, and I’m sure that they will keep on visiting your blog site. In this information technology age, you need to satisfy people by the information that you are giving out for free. Aside from the contents, blogs must also have a very good lay out or design.

There are so many blog templates that you can choose from. Pick one that speaks of the nature of your business. And you must also consider the convenience it may bring to your target visitors. Avoid designs that are too complicated to decipher. Go for those that are easy to navigate with features that are readily and easily accessible.

Partner content with a good lay out and you’ll be off to a good start in blogging.


Adsense Tips for an Income-Generating Blog

Blogging is very popular among many online marketers who want to further promote their online business at the least possible cost. Writing blogs is effectively free of charge, if you don’t count hosting and domain name registration, and once a post is written, there are many ways cost free ways to promote it. Blogs are especially interesting for readers who are also looking for information that is related to what they are searching for, or to their personal preferences. Generally speaking, blogs cater to a more targeted audience, because they tend to discuss more specific subjects.

Increasing traffic to your blog site must be the utmost priority for you to earn an income from your blog. Traffic is the best way to earn money from your blog. The more people that visit, the more opportunity you have for them to click on an advertisement.

Getting Started with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the simplest way to monetize your blog, so it’s important that you know how it works, and how to set it up. Google Adsense is the major income source for a large number of online marketers. Thus, rookies in online marketing are advised to learn Adsense tips and tutorials from experts in this field.

Once you sign up for a Google Adsense account, you will be given some code to install into your web pages. This allows Google to place ads from their Display Network into your page. In order to encourage clicks, the as will either reflect the content in your page, or – if the visitor is logged into a Google account, the ads they see will reflect what Google knows about them and their recent search history. Either way, this makes it more likely an ad is clicked, and when it is, you make a commission. In general, the more traffic your blog gets, the more income it will generate.

Optimizing your Adsense Income

Because the ads come from the Google Display Network, they are associated with keyword searches. One of the Adsense tips that you will learn is the importance of optimizing your content for keywords, especially the high paying ones. If you can write niche blogs using these high paying words, then you also increase your chances of having ads with very high click value on your web pages. The more keyword rich your content is, the more that it will likely attract high paying advertisers.

On the other hand, even if your content does not attract high value ads, you can still achieve significant income if you write interesting blogs, attracting targeted traffic to your web site.

The search engines emphasize quality contents when they rank web sites nowadays. Thus, you have to do your best to come up with keyword rich and valuable contents for your blogs. If your content is not up to scratch, particularly in Google’s eyes, you will most likely get irrelevant advertisements on your site. This will lessen your chances of earning money from Adsense.

Your blog may also end up with lower rankings in search engines if you have poor blog contents, and you will therefore not get good traffic.

A Guide to Google Adsense

When you start getting into blogging, having a guide to Adsense by your side will surely pave the way to a more sustainable business path on a long term basis.

The Adsense tips that you will learn from this guide will help you come up with better blogs that can attract the right advertisements that are related to what you are promoting. To profit from Adsense tips that you have learned, focus on the contents and the keywords of your web logs so that you can greatly benefit from the income you will earn from the Adsense clicks.

Once you have successfully integrated Adsense tips with your high quality blogs, you are set to enjoy the benefits of profitable blogging.


The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging has been around for a long time. In fact, the term “blog” was coined in 1997. Blogs started out as glorified online diaries, but it didn’t take long for internet marketers to understand the benefits of using blogs, and the rest if history!

The Advent of Social Networking

The advent of social networking sites gave us, internet marketers, a wider scope in terms of promoting our online businesses. These days, we have a number of networks on which we can convene and reach out to more people. Though there are criticisms that these types of websites were just a fad and wouldn’t be around for long, time has proven that social networks are here to stay and are actually here for us to take full advantage of.

Throughout the early 2000s, blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger were seen as just more social networks. But it soon become apparent that blogs could be converted into fully fledged content management systems, and blogs started replacing websites in earnest.

What became apparent relatively quickly was the search engines loved blogs! After all, search engines are constantly on the look out for new and original content to index, and that was the focus of blogs. Blogging – for business and marketing – fast became a necessity.

Blogging for Business

There are significant benefits to blogging for one’s online business. It’s no longer a bandwagon thing – it works wonders for most internet marketers. Blogging is one of the best ways to provide fresh contents on your web sites on a daily basis.

Once you update your blogs daily, you have to expect that search engines will soon recognize the presence of your web site. It is a fact that search engine spiders love fresh contents and blogging is the perfect way of providing new contents on your site regularly. You also need to remember that you ought to have unique contents which search engines will index.

One catch phrase from back in the day is “content is king”, and that’s still mostly true. Internet users prefer to consume video content, but the search engines can’t index videos, so they still prefer text.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

Written content is very important and it is the best key for you to land in the top pages of search engine giants like Google and Yahoo. Blogging can be very beneficial to your business if you only know the correct ways of doing things. Thus, before you even get into it, you have to be properly guided of the do’s and don’ts.

If you’re going to use one of the hosted blogging platforms, you can’t simply barge in in these sites without knowing what the best ways to establish a good network of possible customers are. Don’t just sign up in social networks for the sole purpose of promoting your business. You also need to contribute to the community by sharing your insights and helping others when needed.

You can actively participate by giving out sensible comments to other people’s blogs. Actually, this is one of the benefits of blogging because blogs are open for other people’s comments. Thus, people can respond to what you have written and you can also respond to other people’s blogs. Interaction among members is highly encouraged in social networks.

This is actually the difference between writing articles for a regular web site and writing a blog. In regular web sites, your readers can’t easily leave comments to the articles that you have written. In blog sites, your readers can freely leave comments and allow you to interact with them at the same time.

There are countless benefits of blogging to one’s internet business that’s why I would highly encourage other internet marketers who are still hesitant to “blog”. For as long as you enjoy the benefits of blogging, there is nothing wrong with joining the crowd. You can create profitable blog if you are dedicated enough.

It has to be updated as often as possible and it needs to have really good contents, too. Without a doubt, blogging is now an integral part of the whole networking process on the internet.


Writing Persuasive Messages Is Very Much Like Parenting

A colleague recently sent me this article and I must say, I agree with its analogy of copywriting. It makes quite a good comparison between how we do things in our blog sites and how we parent our kids. Being a parent myself, I agree that there’s quite a lot of similarities between parenting and copywriting.

Being an internet marketer and maintaining a large number of blogs often reminds me of the juggling act a parent needs to perform with kids. I have to admit, I’ve been in online marketing much longer than I’ve been a parent, and after years of being in the business, I have had my share of learnings on how to deal with my target market and I often reflect how it relates to parenting.

Has internet marketing made me a better parent? Ask me in another 15 years…

Keep It Simple, St…Mom & Dad

We often speak about “customer delight”. Instead of merely satisfying them, we are now bound to delight them. With tight competition in every market, I don’t think that one can ever be complacent and over confident. So, how do I delight my customers? I simply make sure that my sites are able to deliver the needs, interests, and requirements of my target market.

Just like how we care and look after our kids, we do the same in our sites. We need to make sure that we know what our customers (and kids) need. In regards to your web presence, what are your customers looking for when they visit your page? Can they find all the pertinent information the moment they arrive at your landing page? We need to eliminate all the distractions – if they can’t find what they are looking for immediately, they will simply hit the back button and look somewhere else.

Your home page, and indeed every page on your site, must have a purpose that is well-stated and easily recognizable by any internet user. I know, this seems like simple logic, but I still see a lot of websites that jam pack each web page with all the bells and whistles, rather than setting them out logically, making it easy for the end user to find what they are looking for.

Talk To The Teenagers

Every distinct topic must have a different page intended for its purpose alone. This is similar to parenting. When you want to convey something to your kids, you say it clearly and without having to sound too fancy, right? In copywriting, too much fanciness is actually not impressive.

You don’t really have to hire a copywriting expert to have a money making website. Copywriting is an important skill that we need to adapt in our system because this is our best tool of communicating with our potential customers. Writing persuasive messages is a bold thing to do, but it is very doable. You are the expert in your niche, so why would you hire someone else to write about it?

Communicate your message like you’re communicating to your (teenage) kids. Keep the language simple, and the message short and distinct (assume a teenage attention span). And make sure the navigation is simple to use, so that everything your visitors want to find can be found!


Blogging Is Important To Your Business – Period

Is Blogging Dead?

You might have heard that blogging is dead. Why sit down and spend an hour writing a blog post when you can shoot a video with the same content in 5 minutes? Whilst things have certainly changed recently, the importance of blogging for your internet business is immense.

Blogging may not be as effective a way of building rapport to your audience as it once was, but it still offers enormous benefits. Blogging is also the cheapest and the easiest way to generate organic traffic. Couple it with patience and good website content, blogging is a sure way to drive people in droves.

Keep in mind, also, that the search engines don’t like to see static websites. If you are not constantly adding content or updating your site, it will stagnate and you will begin to lose your position in the search results.

So Blogging is not dead by a long shot. But let’s get smart about it.

How To Blog Effectively

Blogging is certainly not dead. Until Google can perform the same content analysis on videos as it does on text, your website – and therefore your organic traffic strategies – will still need to rely on the written word.

But you don’t just want to blog for the sake of blogging. You will need a strategy to get maximum benefit.

Every post you write needs to link directly to a related product or service; if there is none, link to your homepage. The internal linking structure of your website plays a big part in your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, so you will want to reinforce your cornerstone content with a strong linking structure.

It is also essential to have a call-to-action on each blog post. Somehow, someone has arrived on your blog post – what do you want them to do now? The last thing you want is for them to hit the Back button, so give them a reason to click deeper into your site – to that related product or service page.

If you run a mailing list, you will also want a subscription form on each post. More contacts in your mailing list mean more free online advertising and promotion for you. If you have excellent products or services, there’s nothing more effective and efficient than ‘word of mouth’ to promote your website.

Blogs (and forums) are perceived as offering the most honest and objective product reviews. Use this medium for your future plans for the business when it comes to products enhancements or what products to launch next. Blogging will enable you to know the trend of the market and will provide you with the latest pulse and mind set of your potential customers.

What To Blog About?

One question I hear a lot is how to you come up with fresh, interesting blogs every day? If you’re thinking that, you’re over-complicating it. The answer is very simple – a blog post isn’t a thesis, or wiki – it’s your own thoughts on a particular topic. Write about one of your products or services; write about a conversation you’ve had with a customer; or write about industry-related news. People are coming to your website because you are perceived to be an industry leader; your opinion on any industry-related topic will be valued.

Just jot down any blog-worthy thoughts you might have throughout your day. Check out chat rooms or forums, and take note of interesting questions raised by members that would fit on your niche market. I find Reddit is an excellent source for this. Everyday correspondence with your friends and family will also give you ideas for your next post.

I’ve even heard of people recording their conversations; from the trivial and mundane, to the most lofty of topics, then playing it over when they get home. As internet marketers, we have to tap every resource we have.

Let’s Get Blogging!

Blogging is a big help when it comes to traffic generation, converting warm leads to sales in your own target market or niche, and letting the world know you exist. It’s free; you only need a little patience and you will start to see the benefits of that additional traffic into your website. Blogging is also important in keeping the bond between you and your existing audience, keeping them abreast with the latest developments or promotions your business is offering.

Keeping close and constant contact with your readers will build a special relationship between you and them. Think of them as your friends and give them special attention through your blog. They are a big help in website or products promotion. Make blogging fun and exciting to and keep them coming back.